Monday, 29 August 2016

The long road home...

Hurried footsteps
Back and forth
Breathless existence
A life to loathe

Wanting this wanting that
Obsessions driving you mad
Sticking the knife in if you must
For every victory must be had

Running in circles all your life
Still where you were
Seasons come and go
Your whole life is a blur

Here to there and there to here
Like a madman you run
Eyes rooted to the loot
It's the way of the gun

Just stop you idiot
And for a moment breathe
Feel the moment
And its eternity

Silent meadows
Lonesome flute
Whispering breeze
And you are complete

An entire creation awaiting your love
Many a blessings to be given and received
Come my friend, today, let's walk slow
And peacefully take the long road home.

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