Thursday, 29 December 2016

On Giving Gifts

I think the first, foremost and most important gift we can give to the world is we ourselves. Character: Rock solid. Sincerity and truthfulness: To the brim. Love: Our hearts and beings overflowing with it. Then our presence itself becomes a gift. And wherever a need is sensed for something material or some time and effort, the giving happens naturally. In fact it doesn't even feel like giving. It's just a sharing that happens naturally as it's in love's nature to share.

With the above firmly in place, one can also give material gifts to others to bring them happiness : the focus staying clearly on the joy we bring to someone else through the gift, never what we might get in return (the concept and expectation of return gifts, for example, is something to be outright scoffed at as far as I am concerned :)) or the impression we might make with how expensive our gifts are :). The focus simply needs to be on giving a gift that we feel is nice and would bring the other happiness. That's all :).

Then the gift of talent! Our talents are perhaps a gift to us. Our honing, refining and developing them, bringing them into full expression and sharing the fruits of our efforts is our gift back to creation.

Likewise with interests. To me they are a sign of a mind that's awake and aspiring for knowledge. The field could be anything: Music, art, science, mathematics, Yoga, meditation. philosophy (science too is a branch of philosophy: natural philosophy). And it doesn't really matter whether one is a "natural" or not. If the interest is genuine and we are willing to work at it then once again we can share the fruits of our efforts and that becomes a gift.

But gotta start at 1 :). #BeTheGift

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