Sunday, 4 February 2018

A thousand times over

Some who aren’t aware of these matters may find this post a bit strange, but those who do know about these matters will know what I’m saying to be true. I so wish that more people knew about these matters for their own sake.

In the realm of the physical world, every action results in an equal and opposite reaction. But this is not how it works in the realm of Karma. There the reaction is a thousand fold, always.

You extend a helping hand to someone in need, thousand times the misery is taken away from you. You bring some relief to an aching heart or soul through your love or compassion, thousand times the love and compassion is sent your way. You will be taken care of through your lows. Help will come your way even without your asking. You remove an obstacle from someone's path, a thousand obstacles will be removed from yours.

This is the basis for rewarding people for positive actions in our civil life. Of course gratitude and appreciation get expressed this way. But it also encourages one to live, speak and act in a manner that brings positivity back to them in the future

Likewise for the negative: You steal one rupee from someone, you immediately go in a debt of a thousand rupees to that person. It’s immediate. You willingly take an hour away from someone’s life without his or her permission, you go in a debt of a thousand hours. You hurt someone’s health and well being by luring him or her to buy something from you that will bring you profit, a thousand times the ill health and turmoil starts towards you that very moment. Immediately. Nature, or the universal consciousness, does not need “evidence” of your wrongdoing or rightdoing. It knows. And every moment of your life is recorded and responded to – without fail. Each and every debt has to be paid, no matter how many lifetimes it takes. You place an obstacle in someone's path for your own selfish gain, a thousand obstacles will be placed in yours. You set someone off course in his or her life for a year – you will go through the same for a thousand years, no matter over how many lifetimes. There is simply no way around it. There are no corrupt policemen and no judges that can be bought off in the realm of Karma. Nature itself responds. And this is just how she does it whether one likes it or not. It is just how it is. You hurt someone physically, emotionally or spiritually in any manner whatsoever, or you hurt the environment – which in turn hurts so many people - a thousand times the pain will come your way. It’s guaranteed. No matter how many life times it takes to bring the balance back to zero.

In fact this is the correct basis for having a sound law and order system. It’s based on compassion. Every time a thief or criminal is caught and corrected or punished, it is for his or her own good. It is so that he or she minimizes the debt that he or she is going under.

Have you ever had this experience? Sometimes help just comes your way, just like that, and you are lifted up and brought back on your feet when you are down. And sometimes shit just hits the roof and you are left gasping and wondering…like, whaa? It’s just your own good or bad past actions bearing fruit. And whoever is handing out good or bad to you right now is setting his or her own Karma response in motion as he or she does so. (Stuff like a cop doing his job by penalising someone for a misdemeanour or crime obviously doesn’t count – that’s just someone performing their duty!)

The response is always a thousand fold for actions positive as well as negative. This is just how Karma works. And there is no space in the matter for our inputs or advice J. This is just how the laws of nature are.

As you sow so shall you reap. And each seed will grow into a tree that gives you the fruits of your actions. A thousand times over.

The purpose of knowing this isn’t to create excitement or fear. Just that when we know how nature works, we can move forward more consciously, more clearly, and live in a manner that is positive for us.

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