Thursday, 4 February 2016

To "fit in" or not worry about "having to fit in"

I often see students who are "suspected of being academically bright" (those who make it to institutes such as IITs, NITs, BITS, etc. are a particular case in point but maybe this holds elsewhere too) trying really hard to prove that they are "just like everyone else", that they are as "fun loving", "un-nerdy", "well rounded personalities", "non-muggooo", :) etc etc.
Maybe that's the wrong approach :). Don't try so hard to "fit into the norm". Maybe you ARE different. Maybe you will express yourselves in your work and life in ways that many are struggling to. Maybe a whole series of ground breaking discoveries, technological innovations, immense contributions that will uplift us all will come through you. And maybe THAT will be an inspiration to many.
Examples abound in every field. Think about it. People you admire in music, art, science, medicine, technology, literature, etc. perhaps didn't waste so much time in proving themselves to be "un-nerdy" or "non-muggoos" :). They just went ahead and mastered whatever it is they wanted to master.
(I'm sure no one in his or her right mind would say "Oh...Madam Curie...Einstein...Pt Hariprasad boring! Jab dekho chemistry, physics aur bansuri..." :) )
Do yourself a favour dudes and dudettes :). Find your calling and just go after it with all you have. By all means become great. There is absolutely no reason to shortchange yourselves.
[Maybe that's the right spirit of "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara"]

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