Thursday, 4 February 2016

Finding an alternative to crowded cities

So here's a thought that might be worth dwelling on, specially in the context of our cities where many people spend a substantial amount of time commuting to work and back every day.
With the level of technology available today (email, fax, skype, conference calls, etc.), perhaps it might be possible to come up with a framework in which many can simply work (and stay connected, conduct meetings, etc.) from home; and maybe "travel to work" once a week or so for any "in personcommunication" that might be necessary.
This will automatically solve the traffic situation to a great extent, enable "flexible" work schedules (as long as one is completing his or her work, let them structure their daily schedules as per what works best for them) and allow people to save thousands of hours of their lives that they are wasting in commuting (I think 2 hours each way is perhaps a fairly common situation nowadays; that's about a thousand hours a year right there: Meaningless).
And where this is not possible, providing quarters and access to a decent school (for children) and basic healthcare (for the family) near one's workplace ought to come back in vogue.

What's happening today in terms of commuting to work and back just does not make sense. Too big a wastage of resources as well as time.

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